Here are some commonly asked questions about our DMF Aluminum Trailers. Is the question you need not there? Click on the Contact Us page and give use a call or email.

Why choose Aluminum?

  • Lower Maintenance – Dirt and salt do not affect aluminum like steel.
  • Will Not Rust – Aluminum simply will not rust, making your trailer look newer longer.
  • Better Resale – Since your trailer stays looking better longer it will have better resale value later on. 
  • Durable – No paint to scratch and finish will not fade or peel in sunlight.
  • Easy to Handle – Our lightweight DMF trailers can be moved with ease by hand.
  • Better Fuel Economy – Lightweight aluminum trailers are easier to pull and require less gas.

The lower weight of an aluminum trailer also translates into a higher payload capacity, meaning you can load more items into an aluminum trailer before reaching the maximum amount of weight your vehicle will tow.

Can I buy directly from the factory?

Yes. Plain and simple.

Where are you located?

We are located in Naples Florida, but we have dealers all around the state of Florida click the Find a Dealer to find one near you.

What can I use to clean the trailer?

Any type of aluminum polish or cleaner. If you have a dark spot on the trailer WD40 works well.

Is the entire trailer made from aluminum?

Every part of the trailer right down to the rims, except the torsion axle.

Can you ship a trailer to me?

No we do not ship the trailers they must be picked up.

Local delivery may be available for your area.