Tough, Durable, Trailers built to last. DMF aluminum trailers are designed and engineered to be the most dependable trailer on the market, ready for all kinds of abuse from your toughest jobs, work or play. From hauling your work equipment, to hauling your toys to your favorite spot for an awesome weekend. DMF is the solid trailer solution, come see what trailers we have for sale.

Aluminum Trailers

All aluminum framework with extruded aluminum decking, aluminum MAG rims, torsion axle, tongue jack, front & side rails, sealed & enclosed wiring system, and a rear loading ramp. DOT approved tires and lighting system.

Aluminum mag rim & tire

Strong durable aluminum build added to reduce the the total weight of  an all aluminum built trailer. Plus they look great!

Trailer Storage Box

Easy to attach to any of our trailers. Great for storing tools, straps, or whatever you need.

DMF Aluminum Trailers are...

Quality - Built from 6005A aluminum, which is great for trailer frame and decking. Years of experience in aluminum tig-welding have led to a product that is both well-built and pleasing to the eye.

Well Designed - The DMF Trailer’s design is a result of extensive research in the newest trends, from the side rails to the bifold ramps, the attention to detail makes it not only a great trailer but a work of art.

Durable - Unlike traditional galvanized or painted steel trailers, aluminum will not rust and with regular cleaning can look just as good as the day you bought it years from now. While steel may initially be cheaper, the benefits fade quickly as the elements take their toll. Save money in the long run by purchasing an aluminum trailer built to last.

Lightweight - The main benefit is that aluminum is exceptionally light. This means that you can tow heavier cargo such as cars or boats while using a smaller vehicle, and use less fuel when towing compared to a steel trailer.


Environmentally Friendly - Due to government regulations, steel galvanization is now less harmful to the environment but the trade-off is that a thinner galvanized coat only lasts 1-2 years before rusting. Avoid this trade-off altogether and buy a DMF aluminum trailer, which does not require this process and lasts longer than traditional galvanized steel.

Located in Naples Florida -  Home of DMF Aluminum Trailers.